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I enjoy collaborating as a team and believe in a positive work environment. I have a passion for the arts and want to share that enthusiasm with others who feel the same way. Helping create stories that entertain, help and inspire.

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I mostly work in watercolour and or pencil drawings. But also enjoy photography and working with computers. I’m from New England USA and most of my work is based in this area. I have traveled to other foreign countries. I have a lot of interests in this world and you can see some of them displayed on my site. 

Some are: Music, nature, animals, landscapes, seascapes, architecture, outdoors, fishing and humour. 

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I’ll be professional in every matter while working with you. I will try to make your deadline when needed. I’ve worked in the business world for over twenty five years and will be as diligent as possible when approaching your project.

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I’m available for freelance commission work producing CD’s, DVD’s, and album art and lyric sheets and inserts. Also working both in children and adult books, book covers, newspaper, newsletter, magazines (large or small) and or web site illustrations. I enjoy working with most any subject matter. I can also produce cartoons and greeting cards. I can paint watercolor or pencil art for your architectural needs. Photography, pastels of animals or vintage scenes. 


Please contact me for your illustration needs.

[email protected]


  • Experience working with Photoshop and Illustrator and Apple environments 
  • Highly organized with strong attention to detail "from start to finish"
  • Problem solver and self-starter who can take full ownership of projects from start to finish
  • Ability to effectively manage multiple projects with tight deadlines in a fast paced environment
  • Can work in a team environment as well as independently
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills required
  • Able to problem solve independently

Also I’m a session drummer. Music is a big chunk of my life. I’ve played drums for many years. I have done many recording sessions throughout the US states. I’ve covered many types of music from rock, alt. rock, Latin, Jazz, and rock music with a bit of country twang to it. Let me know if you need a drummer. And I’ve written many song lyrics, melodies and have engineered and produced those songs.


Please leave me your comments on my guest book. 

Also check out the current Say Unkel price List in the blog section

Or contact me here or the website address.

[email protected]

Best regards,


Please visit my artist website and social media sites:

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More books and DVD's to check out Books read 2016-2017

Audio books

Pete Townshend Who I am

Mick Fleetwood Play on

Cynthia Lennon John


Keith Richards Life


There is a light that never goes out.

The story of the Smiths

Complicated Game

Inside the songs of XTC.

Andy Partridge & Todd Bernhardt

Troubled Boys The True story of The Replacements

Beyond the Speed of Sound Thomas Dolby

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Some good DVD's 2016-2017 DVD's watched 2016

All Creatures great and small 

series 1-7

Big Star Nothing Can Hurt Me. 

A documentary about the band Big Star.

Yes, I watched it again. Sad this band and its members didn't make in this world. But we have their music to listen to.

Looking for Mr Watterson

Fan based documentary about the comic strip Calvin and Hobbs.

Stripped: Documentary about the history and future about comic strips. 

Eight Days a Week The Beatles tour 1965-1966

Directed by Ron Howard

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2018 Price list Simple Illustration  Start at $100.00 (depends on size)

Drawings Starts at $100.00 (depends on sizes)

Colored pencil drawings Starts at $100.00 (depends on sizes)

Watercolor Start at $200.00 (depends on size)

Photography $500 per day / editing each photo $50.00 

Scenery $500.00 per day / editing each photo $50.00

Nature $500.00 per day / editing each photo $50.00

Interior $500.00 per day / editing each photo $50.00

Exterior $500.00 per day / editing each photo $50.00

Design $500.00 per day / editing each photo $50.00

CD, Records, EP'S, DVD's, Inserts $250.00

Greeting Cards $250.00 (ask about packs of cards)

Gift boxes, Surface patterns paper $250.00

Book covers Illustrations $250.00 (depends on size)

Business Cards $100.00

Product packaging Depends on project Starts at $500.00

Menus $250.00

T shirts apparel $350.00

Banners & Signs Depends on project Starts at $500.00

Flyers & Postcards Depends on project Starts at $350.00


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DVD's watched 2016 DVD's watched 2016



All Creatures Great and Small 

series 1-7


Big Star Nothing Can Hurt Me. 

A documentary about the band Big Star.

Yes, I watched it again. Sad this band and its members didn't make in this world. But we have their music to listen to.


Looking for Mr Watterson

Fan based documentary about the comic strip Calvin and Hobbs.



Documentary about the history and future about comic strips. 

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Books to check out Winter / Spring 2016! Books read in winter / Spring 2016


Jamie Wyeth

James Herroit dog stories

The John Lennon letters- Hunter Davis


Books written by Lee Wulff


Bush Pilot Angler

Trout on a Fly

Salmon on a Fy

The Atlantic Salmon

Fishing with Lee Wulff


Secret of Maine's Anglers Harry Vanderweide

Trout Flies Nolls how to tie them 1965

Fifty Hikes in NH Daniel Doan

Tumbleweeds The best of T.K.Ryan

Winslow Homer Artist Angler Patricia Junker

Winslow Homer in 1890 Prouts Neck Observed

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Happy New Year 2016 to all! Happy New Year 2016 to all!


For all of those who I normally reach out and say Happy Christmas and or Happier New Year or send a holiday card during this time, I’m sorry I didn’t.


I was hit with a major flu bug most of December this year. I still can’t shake the darn cold. It really knocked me out. I spent almost two weeks with absolutely no voice, plus all the other flu like issues. I did do some holiday greetings, but I missed a lot this year. I’m on the mend now and making progress. 


Hopefully all is well on your end and make 2016 even better.





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More books in 2015 Here is a round up of books I plowed through in 2015. I’m recommending anyone reading these books. 

Check (and support) your local library, and read on!


1. A Hard Day’s Write by Steve Turner 


The stories behind every Beatle song. I’ve owned this book since it was first published and have enjoyed it along it’s counter part book, The Beatles Recording Sessions by Mark Lewisohn The official Abby Road studio session notes. 1962-1970


2. 50 The Rolling Stones. 

A very BIG photo book by the Stones. Glossy vintage and new photos of the Stones and their rise to fame. Awesome for the vintage music gear heads. I couldn’t stop looking at it!


3. Reckless by Chrissie Hydne 


The Pretenders front women. An autobiography I’ve been waiting for. I wished Christine spent more time writing about the band The Pretenders and less time on her hippy, drug using, protesting, and radical person she is. Her parents were straight arrows and she rebelled against that lifestyle. She spent more than 70 % of the book on her radical behaviour and the rest on music. The core four bands members were mentioned a lot towards the end, but the nuts and bolts of The Pretenders short existences was not. They (The Pretenders) made 3 great records together. Then James Honeyman Scott (guitar) died then Pete Fardon (Bass) died at the height of their fame. This left Chrissie and drummer Martin Chambers to make records with many changes and band line ups. I do respect Ms.Hydne’s animal rights stance, but the drug use is total Reckless. I saw the core Pretenders play live with my high school buddy Dave Dimeo and then again with a new band line up with my cousin Dave. Both Pretender’s shows were great. Each band were tight and clear sounding, but Chrissie Hydne’s words between songs were disappointing. Reckless seems like a proper book title. I still really enjoy Chrissie Hydne in many ways regardless of her faux pas.



4. Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Pat Benatar 


A nice book about the Pat Benatar band & family. Written by a nice women. A family memoir and a rock band book. A total reverse from Reckless. The PBB was a great rock band. Her husband Neil and drummer Myron Grombacher were exciting to watch and listen to. I got to see them many times live. Myron was one of the best drummers of his era. I miss not seeing him play live. The powerful vocals, song arrangements, and great live band made the Pat Benatar band. Some of the MTV videos are well done (some rather funny and others sappy) were great to return to.  


5. The Rolling Stone magazine special collectors edition: 

Bob Dylan The complete Album guide. 


This special collectors issue goes through every (BD) Robert Zimmerman record made 1962-2015. I received it as a gift. And I went crazy with this magazine (it’s more like a book) and rented every Dylan record recorded. This lead me to a Bob Dylan bonanza for months. Listening, watching, reading everything Dylan I could for months and I loved it! There is some really great songs from Dylan’s early folk years. Others have had even bigger hits with his lyrics and melodies. Other bands have made their careers covering Bob’s music. Many went off their heads in 1965 when Bob went electric and gave up the folk music and recorded Bring it all Home. I didn’t, but Bob did return to his folk music era from time to time. Highway 61, Blonde on Blonde, Blood on the Tracks are all good records. But Bob Dylan’s newer records are even better. I wished RS spent more time on his newer records because Bob Dylan gets even better with age. I fully recommend anyone listing to Bob’s cowboy Americana records from World Gone Wrong 1993 up to his 2012 record Tempest. Check out records like Time out of Mind 1997, Love & Theft 2001, Modern Times 2006, and Together Through Life 2009 are pure genius. These records are well recorded and played. More fantastic lyrics and melodies and a lead vocal that is only Dylan’s. Some guest studio players and core band play on these records. And Los Lobos’s David Hidalgo shines on many tracks. Bob Dylan is a genius an a true American master. He changes which makes him interesting and fresh today. This RS magazine book is a great tool while tracking the Dylan albums.



Scanning the thrift shops are a great way to hunt for vintage gems. Here’s a couple vintage Fishing books I’ve found along the way. Look for me out on the local streams with my fly rod in hand. I do fish during the winter (yeah I know I’m crazy). But winter also means spending time tying flies for the next fishing season. Can’t wait for spring fishing! 


  1. Trout Ray Bergman 1939 

A true classic among fly fishing book.


  1. The complete book of Fly Fishing by Joe Brooks 1958

Another great find for less than $2.oo by a guy who knows all about fly fishing during that time. 


  1. The Fishes of Maine Maine dept. of Inland fisheries & game 1966


  1. Master Fly Tying by Art Flick.1972


And lot’s of art books I hope to list at another time.

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DVD watched list 2015 DVD watched list 2015



More DVD’s in 2015 you should check out.


Lambert and Stamp 2014 

The documentary about the band The Who’s management Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp. Decent film but really lacking of any new quality material. But a must for any WHO fan.


The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus

Great dvd! A circus is right! But the WHO stole the show. I guess the better band prevailed. Check out the WHO doing their first rock opera called a Quick One. You see a rock band (The WHO) on top of their game in many ways. Also see a clip of Mitch Mitchell (drums) John Lennon (guitar) Keith Richards (guitar) and guy named Eric, doing the Beatles Yer Blues. Both acts totally showed up the Stones and that’s why the Stones didn’t want this film released until decades later.


A Golden Age The Rolling Stones live

Look for Mick Taylor on guitar during this era of Stones history.


Don’t look back by D.A.Pennebaker 

Bob Dylan touring England 1965. Released in 1967.


Bob Dylan 1966-1978 After the crash


Inspector George Gently Series 1-7

The best tv show ever! This detective show is based in north east England. It is so well acted and written it astounds me. Find it on your local PBS tv station and you won’t be disappointed. Can’t wait for the next episode in 2016.


Hetty Wainthrop Investigates series 1-4

A more light hearted detective tv show from the 1990‘s based in the north west of England. The relationship between Hetty (Patricia Rutledge) Robert her husband and Geoffrey (the same pronunciation as Jeffery) the young associate gumshoe really works. Lot’s of great story writing and some very funny and very British bits. Not violent (which I rather enjoy) mystery show. There is 27 total episodes and most are well acted and keep your interests. Most shows are filmed in and around Manchester UK but a few take place in Yorkshire and Cumbria. Some really great British scenery.

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2015 mid to late year book reading list 2015 mid to late year book reading list


Books I’ve either finished reading this year or read regularly I’m recommending.


1. Magical Mystery Tours 2005 by Tony Bramwell My Life Life with the Beatles.


This book is for the Beatle fan who really enjoys the details of The Beatle years. Tony is a boyhood friend to George and Paul in Liverpool. And then he gets to know John and Ringo later. The memory of this man is tremendous! A lot of music people I know who lived through 1960’s don’t remember much. Paul McCartney states on the cover, “Tony remembers more about the Beatles than I do.” High praise from the brilliant McCartney. Tony was the Beatles first roadie, tour manager, then assistant to Brian Epstein, then Apple Records and all around keeper of all four Beatles. Great read! 


2. The Beatles Recording Sessions by Mark Lewisohn The official Abby Road studio session notes.


I read this book regularly when I hear a Beatle track. A great tool for the recording studio gear head like me. It listed who plays what, engineered by whom and recording notes for any Beatle fan. I’ve owned this book for many years and find new bits in it frequently.


3. Schulz 2008 by David Michaelis The newest Biography of the Peanuts creator and genius. Where have you gone Charles Schulz our nation turned it’s lonely eyes to you, daily.


4. The Complete Peanuts 1981-1982 The daily and Sunday comic strips from the master. I’m working my way to 2000 and end of the strip, and an end to an era. A new book is published each year.


5. Straight Ahead by Carol Easton 1973The story of Stan Kenton. 


The Stan Kenton big band, swing, jazz music catalogue is plainly awesome! This is the story written while Stan was alive in 1973 and tells the hard tales of life as a touring musician, family man and life. Made me respect Stan even more. 


6. An Age of Barns by Eric Sloane 1974 


My obsession with Old New England Barns continues. Eric goes through the history of barns throughout the USA and Europe. Great art work and how the barns are built. Look for barns and farmhouse in my artwork. You’ll find me parked alongside a farmhouse sketching most days.


7. Beatles vs. Stones 2013 by John McMillan. 


Lots of thoughtful analysis's of these two great bands. John brings out and critiques the public image of both the Beatles and Stones. He also goes through the private life’s as well and the surprise reverse image of the two groups. The debate continues!

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Books read & DVD watched (so far) in 2015 Books:

Temple of sound Inside the great recording studios by Jim Cogan & William Clark (great cover with Aretha Franklin).

Mitch Mitchell - Experienced. Jimi Hendrix drummer

The Clash-The Clash ( A big pink book that covers the Clash history written by all four band members)

Juliana Hatfield - When I grow up A memoir Boston based rock and Roll musician. Really great book!

A Hard Days Write; The story behind every Beatle song by Steve Turner. I read this book almost weekly since it was brand new 2005.

Charles M Russell by Peter H. Hassrick Great Western artist born on March 19,1864

J.C. Leydendecker-Before there was Normal Rockwell, Leydendecker was the great American illustrator.



A golden Age: The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones rock and roll Circus

Stax Respect yourself, the story of the great record company.

Everyone stares-The Police inside out 2006 Steward Copeland's home recordings made into a travel log of the band The Police.





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DVD Watch list 2014 (so far)  

                  This years dvd watched list 2014


1. Beware of Mr. Baker: Documentary on drummer Ginger Baker


2. Good Ol’ Freda : The story of Beatle secretary Freda Kelly


3. Big Star (Nothing can hurt me) The documentary of the band Big Star.


4. Muscle Shoals: The incredible true story of a small town with a big sound.

     Northwest Muscle Shoals Alabama is the place where some great music was recorded. And this is that story.

     You'd be amazed by who has recorded here throughout the years.


5. Moog: The story of Bob Moog. He invented the synthesizer, the Faramann and changed music.


6. Sound City: the recording studio in southern California that had numerous hits. 

[email protected] (Say Unkel Studios) (Nothing 2014 : Alabama Alex Ardent Aretha Baker Beatle Beatles Beware Big Bob Boxtops California Chilton City Cream Documentary Faramann Franklin Freda Frida George Ginger Good Harrison He John Kelly Lennon McCartney Memphis Moog. Moog: Mr. Muscle North Ol' Paul Recording Ringo Rolling Seeger Shoals Shoals: Simon Sound Star Stones The This a and band big can changed documentary drummer dvd great had hits. hurt in incredible invented is list me) music music. numerous of on place recorded. recording secretary small some sound. southern story studio synthesizer that the town true was watched west where with years Thu, 16 Oct 2014 15:09:17 GMT
2014 Book list  

Here is my book reading list for 2014 (so far)


1. Adventure of being a Waterboy by Mike Scott (One of the best written books I’ve ever read!) Mike Scott of the Waterboys sets the record down.


2. A Man called destruction: Life and music of Alex Chilton from Box Tops to Backdoor man. Big Star music by Holly George Warren


3. Strange Things Happen: A life with the Police, Polo, Pygmies by Stewart Copeland drummer of the Police autobiography


4. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood by Eric Burden from The Animals his autobiography.


5. Commando by Johnny Ramone (John Cummings) Autobiography form The Ramones guitarist.


6. I slept with Joey Ramone, A family memoir. Mickey Leigh with Legs McNeil


7. The Complete Peanuts by Charles Schulz 1950-2000

The daily comic strips with Charlie and Sally Brown, Snoopy, Lucy and Linus Van Pelt and the whole gang!


8. The Wrecking Crew: The Inside Story of Rock and Rock’s Best Kept Secret by Ken Hartman: The story of the LA studio greats and the songs they recorded


9. Rifftide: The Life and Opinions of Papa Jo Jones: Jazz drummer great autobiography


10. The World of Gene Krupa: That Legendary Drumming Man by Bruce H. Klauber


11. The Beatle Who Vanished by Jim Berkenstadt The story of Beatle drummer Jimmie Nicol


12. Chronicles by Bob Dylan volume 1


13. The Sounds of our town; A history of Boston Rock & Roll by Brett Milano

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The Ramones  

I finished reading my second book on the band The Ramones. The first is the 2012 book Commando by Johnny Ramones (John Cummings) and is the autobiography by the Ramones guitar player. The second book was I slept with Joey Ramone A family memoir 2009. Written by Joey’s (Jeffrey Hyman) brother Mitchel (Mickey Leigh and with Leg’s McNeil). Both, are a must reading for anyone who enjoys the beginnings of a rock band. The Ramones influenced many bands and were the first punk band. These books are full of rock and roll upbringings, strange tales, OCD, drugs, women, etc. and life's music journey. After the passing of original drummer, writer, and producer Tommy Ramones (Thomas Erdelyi) in July this year, I felt a need to read up more on this band that I loved. And I’m glad I did, cause they deserve their due in music history. They were original, funny, entertaining, and a great rock and roll band.   


It was a cold New England night on April 4th 1984 when I picked up my best friend Dave DiMeo and drove to the Salisbury Beach club The Frolics to see this incredible band The Ramones. The Frolic’s was a big band ball room were the greats from the 1930‘s-1960‘s once played. That night it was snowing, sleeting and it was a rough and tough night of rock and roll. Loads of punks in the crowd and me there with my Beatle hair and mod look. The club that night was packed with about 500 (mostly younger 20's punkish men) gearing up to see these four boys from Forest Hills NY touring on their record Subterranean Jungle (1983). They also played a couple songs from the their up and coming newer record called To Tough To Die (1984). If anyone is interested I do have the set list from that Ramones night. Just asked and I can give it to you. But they played most all their ‘hits’ (by Ramones standards they didn’t have any radio hit’s, shame on you record company and radio people). The fans knew they were good!


The Ramones came out and blasted the crowd with volume, white stage lights and speed. It was an awesome experience to see this band in their best early era. The sound was loud but tight and rock and roll. The Ramones exploded with their leather jackets, and torn jeans, T shirts and the start of 1-2-3-4 every other number! AND, it didn’t stop for 40+ minutes. After the second number and the glass beer bottles where flying in the air. I decided to tell my friend Dave I’m moving back to really watch the band. The sight of half full beers flying in the air while in the white stage light caught the liquid was a trip. For me getting out of that stage pit was a great decision and after another song my friend Dave appeared. I first said, ‘are you o.k.? He was roughed up, with his clothes soaked with beer, shirt yanked out, hair messed up. "Oh ya" he said and we both laughed and rock out to rest of the Ramones set. That was the funniest visual memory of Dave seeing him there that night in 1984. The Frolics was a pretty flat room and all we could see that night was bouncing heads and bodies sailing in front of the band. The band the Ramones were bigger than life on stage.


I met Dave the first day at a new school, JR.high school. It was the 7th grade and it was Tom McCarthey’s class. Dave and I became instant friends, day one. We sat directly across from each other and he saw me spacing out and drawing a drum set on my note books covers. That’s all it took and we had a mutual interest, music. Dave found out I was a drummer and obsessed with rock bands from Britain mostly. The Beatles, The Who and newer bands like The Jam, The Police and The Clash too. It was a great time for music and NEW music was exploding in America in the late seventies. And today, I’m still searching for new music and playing drums and totally into music. Both of us shared the same sense of humor, tv, movies, cartoons and sports. BUT he liked the NY Yankees and I hated them and we battled daily about baseball. But back then the Yanks were the best and the Sox stunk.


That night driving back home from the Ramones, Dave and I couldn’t stop talking how great the show was. And that talk went on for weeks! We went to a lot rock shows together, but this night was significant. We didn’t know that we just saw music history. I also didn’t know my friend Dave wouldn’t be alive in a few more months after a car accident. Not many days have gone by without me thinking about him. I miss him greatly even to this day. I’ve often thought about how our friendship would of grown and how my love for a friend never left. He’s buried only a few steps from the greatest man I’ve known (my dad) and I always stop and say hi to him. I miss you Dave Dimeo!


If you're a music fan and a lover of rock music and or interested who influenced many rock bands, both Ramone books are great reads. Written by and or about two totally different men with different ideas of the world and music came together to make that music. Three Ramones members died of cancer and one of drugs but all to young. Check out these Ramones books, cause you won’t be disappointed. 


Life is precious, enjoy the ride.

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The Ludlow blues  

The Ludlow Blues 


Written by Dan Buchert 

Recorded in the BIG room Vassalboro Maine 5/2014



It’s the Ludlow blues

He’s watching over you

From a boy to a man

He’s taking care of you

He see’s the things you do

It’s the Ludlow blues

It’s the Ludlow blues

It’s the Ludlow blues


(chorus) (band rocks out)



It’s the Ludlow blues

He’s watching over you

He see’s the things you do

It’s the Ludlow blues

He’s watching over you

You know what to do

It’s the Ludlow blues

It’s the Ludlow blues



Written, recorded played by Say Unkel


Jangled guitar by: Farris ‘Beans’ Morris

Bass guitar by: Chuck ’Black fly’ Jones

Drums, tambourine, Lead vocals & other noises by: Dan Buchert

Second guitar Wah Wah by: ‘Fingers’ Russell

Backing gospel choir by: The Skillet Brothers


Time 1.38

[email protected] (Say Unkel Studios) Blues Ludlow Opening music page Thu, 29 May 2014 22:57:42 GMT
Rocks Off 50 tracks that tell the story of the Rolling Stones By Bill Janovitz 2013 Say Unkel Book review

Rocks Off 50 tracks that tell the story of the Rolling Stones By Bill Janovitz 2013

Being up for a challenge, another Stones book (especially written by Janovitz's was right in my wheel house). Are you one of those people who have been asked Beatles vs. Stones? I have, in my lifetime it's always has been a no brainer for me, but I come to this book with a different bent. The author of Rocks Off is Bill Janovitz. He is a member of the Boston band Buffalo Tom. Janovitz is also a writer of music new and old. And he's a Stones fanatic and I'm a Buffalo Tom devotee. Growing up, the Beatles wrote music that is unquestionability timeless. In the early nineteen eighties the Stones were pumping out cartoon type music played by a bunch of lampooning leaping freaks. That had an effect on me musically. Having said that, I've always knew The Stones had a very good two + record, greatest hits collection that everyone should own. The Beatles did pop and the Stones wrote R n B music. Most early Stones records have two to three gems on them. But The Beatles had one or perhaps two duds and the rest jewels. 

Bill Janovitz broke down Rock Off and the 50 Stones tracks and made me think how great this music really is. And I think that there are even more Stones tracks that hold their own off other Stones records that I truly missed. I really enjoyed the inside recording studio story's. The Stones recorded in many different recording studios throughout the USA, England, France and elsewhere. Some of those recording studios are legendary. Studio greats like Al Kooper, Jimmy Miller are mentioned on tracks that made these songs wonderful. I finished Keith Richards autobiography book 'Life' last year. I really enjoyed it and I gained a huge respect for a man who seem like a regular guy. Pretty cool coming from a man who looks like a modern day pirate and is a medical miracle. But Rocks Off, taught me how smart, creative and clever Keith Richards song writing really is. He's the creative wit within the Stones. The chapter on ‘Satisfaction’ is great rock and roll legend. This is when Keith claims he woke up in the middle of the night with the Satisfaction guitar riff in his head, and turned on a tape recorder (in 1965 tape recorders were pretty new), recorded it, and then fell back to sleep snoring away (with tape recorder still running!). Wouldn’t Stones fans like to hear that one. This broke the Rolling Stones career to the top of the charts. Mick Jagger wrote the Stones lyrics, some sharp, shrewd and chic but others are mumbled and indecent and in today’s politically correct world radical. And there's the huge difference between the two bands. The Stones always brought that barbed edge to rock and roll and The Beatles didn’t. 

Of course there is many Stones tracks missing in Rocks off, one being favourite Off My Cloud and another Heartbreaker; but you can't always get what you want. 

The Stones solid rhythm section of Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman play minor roles in the book. But still some good facts about both musicians on most pages. I’d enjoy reading more about drummer Charlie Watts any day. And then theres the on again, off again, accounts of vagabond musician Brian Jones. Mick Taylor replaced Jones and later Jones died of a drug over dose in 1969 in his swimming pool once owned by author of Winnie the Pooh fame. And guitar player Ron Wood, who would replaced Taylor in the seventies adds to the Stones legacy. Lot's of great writing about music, drugs, personality conflicts, and other fun rock and roll stories in Rocks Off.  

For any Stones fan this book is a great read. If you're like me, and enjoy the studio insider stuff I highly recommend Rocks Off. Bill Janovitiz’s writing is clear and concise. Rocks Off has some great facts about the Stones career and perhaps some rock and roll legends mixed in. But now I’m listening to more Rolling Stones records than before and with more openness. Check out Rocks off 2013 at these links below. And also Bill Janovitz. Or check them out at your local library!

[email protected] (Say Unkel Studios) Rolling Stones Rocks Off Tue, 22 Apr 2014 19:30:22 GMT
Bob Dylan Chronicles volume 1 Say Unkel book review

Bob Dylan 


Chronicles volume 1


Anyone who has been alive in the past 50 years and has paid attention to the music scene should know the name Bob Dylan. For me, Bob has had a different road to my musical soul than most. I’ve always understood that Bob was the prolific poet musician who wrote the words to many songs covered by bands and they made those Dylan songs even better, or so I thought. 


Chronicles volume one; is a 300+ page book that is so creatively written that it was hard to rap my mind around. After a few days of completely finishing reading Chronicles, I’m still thinking about it. Once I found the rhythm of the author, I couldn’t wait to turn the pages. They’re no major facts about Dylan’s life, He doesn’t name drop, or is it a fact finding kind of book. But it has loads of short artistic branches of a man’s craft, writing and recording music. What did you aspect from a guy who’s writing and recording career has been as bountiful than his? What you get early on are folk names from the past that help him find his why through early folk life. They shaped and made the man who he is today. His father who gave him worldly advice and a mother who Bobby could do no wrong with encouragement sentiment. I found a man who fished, sailed and enjoyed Broadway show’s, Bob Dylan? Wow, who would of thought that Bob would like that! There are pages like this throughout Bob Dylan’s Chronicles. A man who wanted to bring up his family, out of the public eye, and guide them though early life. 


I knew the songs and records Dylan spoke about throughout the book Chronicles, but I’ve never owned a Bob Dylan recording. Today I own his newest effort called Tempest. Some friends have said, his voice is shot, but I found it fitting and soulful throughout the album. The American roots rock, country feel is recorded masterfully. I can’t put the record down many days. Some of the tracks are story telling tales and others are groove based American folk rock classics. I’m the type to pour through a record, listening to each track, listening to everything on each cut. I listen to the melody, vocals, guitar, bass, drums and all the extra bits in a musical score. This record is something special, written by a special man. America, this man is special and I think he wouldn’t like me saying this, but he’s a living legend. And I want him to still make music, cause I’m happily listening. Bob Dylan’s 2005 book; Chronicles is must reading.


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Say Unkel Studio music  

About the music: 


The opening music on the home page is called Dan’s pop beat. This was recorded at the Say Unkel Studio in Maine in a very live room. I played this clean 4/4 beat on my 1965 Rogers Holiday drum kit. It was recorded with two Audix microphones. One was an Audix D1 for the highs and the other an Audix D6 for the lows.The mics were placed in front and back of the drum set.The music track loops and starts with the opening TaaaDaaa! 

Dig that 1960’s sound Dan’s pop beat. [email protected]


The slide show music track on the Say Unkel Watercolors is called Summer Creeps By. Recorded in and by Dan Buchert at the Say Unkel Studio.This song has many elements of live and programed loops that were produced in three years.The pieces were finally put together in early 2013. The percussion track was recorded with one AKG microphone. A Meinl cajon plus many home made shakers and other rhythm sounds were created by Say Unkel for this track.The birds songs are from my back yard and they were recorded at dawn.The guitars and other sync are looped and mixed to create a loop of music. On those hot days of August Summer Creeps By. [email protected]



The slide show music track for the Say Unkel Greeting Cards is called Music for Greeting Cards.This is a music track with multiple loops of organs, sax, percussion and other pieces.This music was created at the Say Unkel Studio in late 2012. The track starts off with a fog horn recorded in Portsmouth New Hampshire at the mouth of the Merrimack River which touched off a neighboring roster. Add in some funky beats, lounge music and you got Music for Greeting Cards. [email protected]



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