Brad Dickerson Marblehead Ma(non-registered)

What a massive gig for you
you were in top form on drums
My teenage girls loved it!

rockn’ the plaid tie and matching trousers my Scottish parents would be proud of you

On behalf of my wife and kids
we all really enjoyed that show
thanks for the tickets

talk soon

Troy the bass guy(non-registered)
Oh man! Dan
How I love playing bass with a drummer who’s got it all together
the EQ check list So cool
the intensity
the touch
so musical
You had the audience
they’re most lucky to have you there
Hope we play again
Hey Dan

I thought I left a message here a few days ago but it must not of took.

Anywho: happy New Year!

It’s been great working with you this year.
We’re getting some big time air play here!
Hopefully bigger things to come.

All the best from Melbourne Oz.


Micheal and I wanted to really thank you for all the work you put in rehearsing, arranging and playing our last show. And what an awesome gig is was! That hall was swinging with 40’s through 50’s tunes and a bit of holiday numbers mixed in.

You gave us such confidence and presents on stage.

After the show many of our followers asked who’s that great drummer!
They loved your style ❤️

1. We want your talent recording our next record.

2. After our small US acoustic tour we want you to accompany us on our European tour. The UK France Germany Italy here we come

Our manager will contact you soon

Happy New Year❤️ my friend
Really enjoyed your playing at the north shore street festival.
Quality sound for an outdoor show
Such a cool event too with all the antique cars.
Great catching up Dan!

Jimmy J.
Kaitlyn Boston Ma.(non-registered)
OH WoW db!

Lauren and I drove up from Boston to that Jazzclub in Portsmouth NH to see you play.
Your friend Margaret told us how great you were.
What a fun show!

you were so humble and funny afterwards
thank you for hanging with us after the show.

luved the music!

Thanks once again for your playing for us.
I’m back in NYC now for a bit of mastering.
Jake and I went over the tracks you laid down.
We were more than impressed with your groove.
The sound we captured from your Ludwig bop kit was huge.
That 18 inch bass drum and your tuning really sounded tip-top in our live room.
Our publisher will call you soon, if she hasn’t already.

We hope to get you back to Vermont soon!
All the best

Jen Marlowe Kent GB(non-registered)

Luved your percussion you sent.
Like you said:
Spars groove-filled
just what we wanted!
Fits like a glove

Jen M
Hi Dan

I’m Jessica, we met at my cousins birthday bash last month in Rye NH. You played with my cousin Jamie’s band who sings.

Just wanted to say how great your playing was! All of my family took notice of you!!!

Jamie and her boyfriend Frankie were happy you played with them.

We only spoke shortly during a brake but it was so kind of you to speak my aunt and grandmother.

Best wishes


late last night I put on the track you played on and help me creative.
I’m still rather in awe of it. Such foresight and arrangement.

I really do love you and hope we get to work together again.

Karrie Mitchell
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